Nigeria: Lagos State BRT to Introduce Free Internet Wi-Fi Services on All Its Buses

If you’re a BRT user, there’s good news for you. The operator of the Lagos State Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Scheme, Primero Transport Services Ltd will soon introduce free Internet Wi-Fi services on all its buses, according to this report.

This was revealed by Fola Tinubu, MD of the transport company, while speaking to members of the Lagos State council of Trade Union Congress (TUC) who were on a guided tour of the company’s facilities in Ikorodu, Lagos.

“This service will be at no cost to the passengers. It is the kind thing you experience in some developed economies around the world, and we believe Primero can pioneer it in Lagos,” Tinubu said.

The service will ensure passengers are connected to the world wide web while enjoying their rides in clean and AC-tight buses. This will definitely be lauded by passengers.

The company is also planning to let passengers book tickets online. This will bring about convenience for passengers, and help reduce errors, and subsequent complaints, arising from purchase of tickets from ticket sellers.

Primero Transport plies the Lagos-Ikorodu BRT corridor 24 hours a day and currently has about 450 air-conditioned buses. Since launch in 2015, the company has served over 500,000.

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