Nigeria’s Startup, PayPorte Suspends Payment of Delivery (POD) Option


PayPorte, a Nigerian e-commerce startup has announced the suspension of the Payment on Delivery (POD) option in a bid to serve its customers better but there’s a catch.

Although not explicitly stated, one doesn’t need a soothsayer to tell one that the online retail store is making this move as a result of the unfortunate incident that recently befell one of Jumia‘s delivery associate.

Mr. Chukwuma Eleje, who worked for one of Jumia’s third-party logistics partners in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, was killed by yet-to-be-identified persons while making a delivery in the town.

This incident sparked conversations in various quarters, with some calling for the outright cancellation of the payment of delivery (POD) option in order to avoid a repeat.

Payporte has now gone ahead to suspend the payment option, giving its customers only two payment options; online payments and bank transfers. However, customers who shop for five times or more will have the Payment on Delivery option available to them.

“Beginning from April 3, 2017, only online payments and bank transfers would be accepted as means of payment on our platforms. Only customers who have shopped on payporte for 5 times or more will be able to access the Payment on Delivery option from April 10th, 2017,” Payporte stated.

Also, the company announced it will from henceforth process refunds for unsuccessful and unsatisfactory orders within 48 hours after request.



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