African Entrepreneur Startup Project and Its Support Services

The African Entrepreneur Startup Project (AESP) is an initiative of Rays and Beams Pavillion where persons of different entrepreneurial and innovation ideas converge for tech-savvy solutions. Its goal is to give the best  empowerment and support to African entrepreneurs to achieve their business objectives. Through our online platform, we have been supporting African entrepreneurs by providing them with mentorship, business ideas, funds, media exposure and an e-commerce platform to sell their products easily that is why we pride ourselves on offering A-Z of entrepreneurship and we keep breaking into new horizon. Our team is dedicated to exploring African entrepreneurship, connecting entrepreneur to entrepreneurs, helping entrepreneurs connect with investors and venture capitalists, taking African startups and innovations to the world through media exposure, and building the biggest business  community in Africa.

Our aim to increase the socio-economic welfare of the society by creating opportunities for gainful employment and developing life skills through innovation and entrepreneurship, fostering a community’s entrepreneurial climate, technology commercialization, diversifying local economies,building or accelerating growth of local industry clusters and community revitalization.

We want to rewrite the stories of Africa and support the entrepreneurs to grow their businesses from Africa to the world. Africa remains a rich continent with great returns on investment if one strategize and invest into the large market. Many African entrepreneurs and innovators have proven to the world that Africa remains the number one place for investments.
Through our website platform, many entrepreneurs have sold their products through our e-commerce platform and many more have seen their products and services get attention through our website.
With the expansion of our support services, AESP now offers startup support services like business registration, business planning, financial planning, marketing planning,
internationalisation strategy development, market insights development, workspace sourcing, investment sourcing, staff recruitment and selection, staff training, digital and social media marketing, technology support for operations, website development, brand collaterals development, among others. These services are offered in
product categories determined by the range of services a startup desires.
Also, through our partnership with Africa’s leading tech home, NUU Technologies Ltd, entrepreneurs can now learn everything about ICT and Tech at a good discount and also get the support they need for their project.
Our burning desire to see Africa as the new world of entrepreneurship and innovation keeps driving us to give the very best to Africans at little or no cost.