African InnoTech Hub: Q&A

What is AESP?

African Entrepreneur Startup Project (AESP) is leading to become the largest nexus for entrepreneurs and innovators in Africa. It is powered by Rays and Beams Pavillion Ltd. Presently the platform is an African website thareneurship, small business management, advice and mentorship and also serves as an e-commerce.
We are giving entrepreneurs and innovators the media exposure and mentorship they need to become world business leaders. AESP is growing to impact in the life of every African with dreams. We are constantly innovating to be something a little different to everyone and our team are ever ready to to help Africa develop. We take pride in delivering outstanding services to people and the people who make it happen are united by their curiosity, joy of service, and belief in the fact that we can only get better when we are United and help each other.

What is African InnoTech Hub?
As part of our efforts in AESP to support Innovation in Africa, we have set our target to build an Innovation and Tech hub in Africa.
The African InnoTech Hub is a proposed platform for African innovators, technologists and entrepreneurs to build and develop themselves better. It will be an innovation hub where we will support aspiring and established entrepreneurs in Africa to achieve their business aim.
Our primary goal is to empower a new crop of innovative and creative young men and women, who will add technological value to every sector of the economy and solve real problems. We will support them providing them with key ingredients like seed funding, mentorship, access to business expentorship, access to business expertise, networking opportunities, peer review, pitch development, product testing and introduction to investors.
Our methodology will hinged on engaging a community of progressive stakeholders (end-
users, subject matter experts, government agencies, businesses, academics, civil societies etc.) who bring their creativity and knowledge to play in co-creating solutions to social challenges faced by the average African.
Our aim is to increase the socio-economic welfare of the society by creating opportunities for gainful employment via
empowerment of youths from vulnerable backgrounds by making technological education accessible — and developing life skills through innovation, incubation of start-ups and sustained programmes.

Where does my money go If I donate to the African InnoTech Hub
Donations to the African InnoTech Hub will be used to build an Innovation hub, sustain free media exposure for African entrepreneurs and their startups, businesses, innovations, technologies, lifestyle, through our platforms, fund research that will better Africa and its sister projects for people around the world. Your contributions will pay for technology to keep our platforms fast, secure, and accessible, for our activities and initiatives.

Why should I donate?
Our projects rely on donations from people around the world. Contributions to the proposed African InnoTech Hub will help us build a hub accessible to innovators, entrepreneurs, programmers to co-work and also keep Africa growing and improving.

Financial Information?
The African InnoTech Hub will always provide report that covers the fiscal year. It will contain a summary of our strategic goals, financial details on spending and revenue, and detailed explanations and risk analysis.

How do we run AESP?
We have 7 regular and part-time staff at the AESP led by the President Igwe Nnanna. The staff support both the online and offline works.
We request your reviews to help us develop long term plans, provides oversight, and supports the fundraising efforts.

How will the African InnoTech Hub funded?
The activities of the African InnoTech Hub will funded primarily through donations from individuals
around the world. Every contribution is valuable, and we’ll be grateful to the people who believe in our vision and mission and want to sustain our future. You can make a donation via several methods like credit or debit card, PayPal, MasterCard, and others. If you have any questions, please
contact us at

What are your plans? Where is this going?
The proposed African InnoTech Hub’s vision is to have an African where everyone with innovations dreams will have no limit to what he/she can achieve. Imagine an Africa in which every innovator can freely bring his innovative imagination to reality. We’re serious about this vision. We aspire to not only reach everyone, anywhere in
the Africa, but make Africa exporter of technologies and innovations.
These are some of the activities we’re already running on right now:

Providing media exposure to African startups, entrepreneurs, innovators, tech, etc in the African continent. Our aim is to provide the best possible site experience to everyone with dreams in Africa.

We have our online store for those who want to buy or sell their products easily, faster and smartest.

Through our partnership we have supported NSFDW2017, Learn2Code project by NUU Technologies Ltd, Ultimate Face of Naija, etc. Partnership is one of the ways we’re expanding AESP’s activities across Africa. These partnerships is just a start, and we’re constantly looking for new ways to reachout to more people in more parts of Africa.

How will you use the funds ?
We will forever be grateful for your support towards our goals. We will straighten our current projects and embark on some important new projects.
We are working on building an African InnoTech Hub, design a better website and platforms, upgrade our systems faster for more users, increasing support for projects to improve community health, funding strategic research and consultation, and investing in an independent endowment.

How can I donate via debit or credit card?
To donate using any major credit or debit card VISA, MasterCard, PayPal, bank transfer, and any other methods; please email

Is there a minimum or maximum donation?
There is no minimum or maximum donation. We will surely appreciate any amount you donate and will remain transparent about the usage.

What is your donor privacy policy?
We are serious about protecting the privacy rights of our donors. We do not share, sell, or trade your email address with anyone.

What can I do to help you spread the word of African Entrepreneur Startup Project?
Spread the word any way you can! Tell your friends, family, and peers what African Entrepreneur Startup Project means to you. Ask them if they use it and if so, what it means to them. You can also talk about us on social media channels and share African Entrepreneur Startup Project works with your network.