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After launching the EasyBizGrant App on Google play store last year for entrepreneurs and also created the fastest growing platform for African startups and innovations to get more media exposure, Rays and Beams Pavillion Ltd have launched the African Entrepreneur Startup Project (AESP) FundMe aimed at empowering and accelerating startups with a high potential for accelerated growth in Africa.
The AESP FundMe will support African aspiring entrepreneurs with seed fund and young businesses seeking funds for business expansion to realize their entrepreneurship objectives by giving them the opportunity to present their business proposal, get mentorship and funds from people across the global who want to help develop entrepreneurship in the African continent.
One of the biggest challenges of entrepreneurs at every stage of their startup journey is usually finances to fund their business idea or startup. So AESP FundMe was initiated to help tackle this challenge for young entrepreneurs by helping them raise funds for their projects.
AESP FundMe is funded by donations and investments from entrepreneurs, investors, sponsors, venture capitalists in all sectors who want to impact in young entrepreneurs in Africa.
The AESP FundMe will not only fund entrepreneurs but will also help Africans to pool their resources, work together and help each other’s businesses for the economic development of the African continent. It will be a platform for entrepreneur to connect with entrepreneurs, Angel investors, venture capitalists around the world. It will act as an incubation center where business ideas are nurtured to their full potential as well as entrenching global best practices by inculcating a culture of innovation-driven entrepreneurship and ethics.
We hope to help entrepreneurs across Africa raise over $1 million yearly for their business proposals.
This is the opportunity for African entrepreneurs to submit their business proposals for fund. Chosen entrepreneurs would receive seed fund to help bring their ideas to life or capital for business expansion – and invaluable business mentorship. Entrepreneurs can submit their proposal in these areas:

Waste Management
Media & Entertainment
Education & Training
Tourism & Hospitality

Are you eligible?

The parameters for selection of the best entries are:
*The ability of the proposal to produce an entrepreneur, develop skills, space for growth.
*The ability of the proposal to meet global standards and best practices.
*The ability of the proposal to impact on people especially the masses
*The ability of the proposal to outlive different seasons
*The ability of the proposal to be modified to suit the needs and demands of the people
*The ability of the proposal to empower youths and generate empowerment
*The originality of the business proposal
*The ability of the proposal to accommodate grants received
*The proposal must be able to pass through appraisal at different times from the funds sponsors to ensure that fund given is put to judicious use
*The proposal must conform with the laws and regulations of the Area/zone/district/LGA/ State where it is located and must be bound by those rules
*The business proposal must be registrable as a company
*The business proposal should demonstrate a high level of originality
*The selection considered admist other factors remain the prerogative of the panelists who will ensure an unparallelled level of transparency and adherence to these set parameters.

What is Next?

Are you an entrepreneur? Apply for the African Entrepreneur Startup Project (AESP) FundMe.

Interested participants (university students, software developers, entrepreneurs, innovators) across the continent are encouraged to submit their proposals.

Entry materials (document and video) must be submitted online via the application form on our website and email All submissions must include a full description of the project/product/concept in a document written in plain English and should not be more than 2,000 words.

So if you have an idea that will greatly improve the lives of Africans, hurry up to apply and stand a chance to be among the lucky winners.

Donate Now

Donating to AESP FundMe means growing African entrepreneurship, economic development and creating new opportunities in Africa. Your financial support will help make all this happen, and more.
With your donations, we can make Africa the business hub of the world and make lives better in every African community and around the world.

Rays and Beams Pavillion Ltd is a company that aims to support and empower Africans to turn their passions into visionary enterprises.
Africans have series of potentially world-changing endeavors but most of them are faced with challenges that limit their potentials to make Africa and the world a better place.
There have to be reasons people get up in the morning and want to live, we want to support these people achieve their big dreams in entrepreneurship and innovation exploration.

Get Involved, Donate and Build Africa Today.

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