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Africa’s number one used items buying service, Arisa Store seeks to help customers sell items they don’t use again in a safe, fast and smart way and get their cash immediately.


Our online platform allows customers who need cash immediately to sell items they don’t use again super-easy. To avoid crooks, thieves and scammers online and long processes on our platform, customers are required to email items they want to sell with price, description of items, (plus receipt of items if necessary) and their personal ID. If we’re satisfied with the items, we can then book an appointment for physical inspection of the items.

If the items meet our requirements, an offer is made, and once an agreement is reached the money is paid to the seller immediately.

Thereafter, the items are displayed on Arisa Store online platform on, complete with new pricing for customers who need such items to buy.

We have been actively buying and selling used items since we launched Arisa Store. Arisa Store hopes to grow the culture of recycling in Africa. We are working to round the clock to reduce waste produced in Africa, especially from individuals who throw away good items they feel like its out of fashion or season. We understand the hardship faced by a lot of people in by new good qualities products. Also we help sellers raise cash for their immediate needs.

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You can also donate items you don’t use again on this platform.

Contact 09096915313, thank you.

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