Rays and Beams Pavillion Limited

Rays and Beams Pavillion Ltd is a Pan-African company launched in 2011. The company has its office in Abuja, Nigeria. It is an international platform of talents that brings together entrepreneurs, innovators, corporate, academicians and scientists across the globe, around the digital innovation idea in Africa.

The Pan-African company aims to support and empower Africans turn their passions into visionary enterprises.
Africans have series of potentially world-changing endeavors but most of them are faced with challenges that limit their potentials to make Africa and the world a better place.
There have to be reasons people get up in the morning and want to live, we want to support these people achieve their big dreams in entrepreneurship and innovation exploration.

The company is a home to a diverse products which includes:

*African Entrepreneur Startup Project (AESP) which showcases African startups and innovations to the world and bring world investors and venture capitalists to Africa,

*RBP Sports a product dedicated to sports representation for professional athletes,

*RBP Entertainment which offers services as in  talent agency, touring and concert production,

*RBP Education is dedicated to promoting education among Africans.

*The company is set to launch the African Entrepreneur Startup Project (AESP) FundMe, a new division of the company that will focus on helping African entrepreneurs and innovators to raise business funds for their ideas and business expansion.

Rays and Beams Pavillion (RBP) is fast growing to  become the community for African entrepreneurs and home to African startups and innovations. The company is working round the clock to connect African startups to the global ecosystem, including VCs, investors, tech acquisition specialists, IT buyers and media from across the continent and around the globe.