Rays and Beams Pavillion Limited

Rays and Beams Pavillion Ltd (RC: 954308) is a leading African company with strong endearment for human Capital development by providing an array of services in different sectors of the economy. The company has products in Diversified investments, Media, Consumer products, E-commerce, Transportation, Real Estate and general services, Talent Agency and management, PR Agency,  etc.

The company aims to increase the socio-economic welfare of the society by creating opportunities for gainful employment and developing life skills through innovation and entrepreneurship. The African conglomerate company headquartered in Abuja, Nigeria, was founded 2011. The company wholly owns the online media www.aesp.biz, The Arisa Store, Restaurant, equities in some Nigerian Startups, assets in Real Estate, co-founded Naijagood, Top Cleaning Services, HelloCozyTaxi!, AESP Agency for PR and its yet to be launched innovation hub.

The African company is been called the Berkshire Hathaway of Africa because of its exploration in different sectors of the economy and its attitude towards investments. The company has partnership with some African states where it renders services in general contracts and services.

Rays and Beams Pavillion (RBP) is fast growing to  become the heartbeat of African entrepreneurship and home to many African startups and innovations. The company is working round the clock to become one of the most valued multinational conglomerate company in Africa.

The company keep seeking partnership with local and international companies/organizations in a bid to grow and develop Africa. RBP has setup some social welfare programs especially in areas that will eradicate poverty and hunger in Africa and also improve the educational standard and welfare of the people in the continent.