The African Entrepreneur Startup Project, AESP, An Initiative of Rays and Beams Pavillion

The African Entrepreneur Startup Project (AESP) is an initiative of Rays and Beams Pavillion aimed at empowering and supporting African entrepreneurs to achieve their business objectives for the economic development and growth of Africa. Our team is dedicated to exploring entrepreneurship, connecting entrepreneur to entrepreneurs, helping entrepreneurs connect with investors and venture capitalists, taking African startups and innovations to the world through media exposure, and building the biggest business  community in Africa.

We want to rewrite the stories of Africa and support the entrepreneurs to grow their businesses from Africa to the world. Africa remains a rich continent with great returns on investment if one strategize and invest into the large market. Many African entrepreneurs and innovators have proven to the world that Africa remains the number one place for investments.

Rays and Beams Pavillion (Ltd) is a Pan-African company that is working round the clock to find a new and better ways to tackle entrepreneurship challenges across Africa. We want to be part of every entrepreneurship story in our African continent as the world wait to see the best of African entrepreneurs.

With Headquarters in Nigeria, the company hopes to open many offices across Africa in order to reach out to millions of entrepreneurs on the continent.