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African Entrepreneur Start-up Project (AESP) is a Pan-African  project that was initiated for economic development in Africa by solving problems of accessing capital for business start up and business expansion in Africa.
It is an innovation that will create wealth and job opportunities in Africa. We believe in legendary black American entrepreneur, J.B.
Stradford, who arrived in Tulsa in 1899 philosophy. He believed
that black people have a better chance of economic progress if they pooled their resources, worked together and supported each other’s businesses.
After a successful researching programs, we found out that many young Africans are willing to go into entrepreneurship but lack the capital for business start-up.
Upon a chance conversation with many African youths, we got to know more about these problems of access to start-up capital faced by young Africans to develop their skills and full potentials.
According to a 2013 survey by the Nigerian Institute of Social and Economic Research (NISER), most of the capacity building programmes aimed at addressing youth unemployment, have
concentrated more on training without any tie-in to the provision of small business
grants, which is a critical success factor to the establishment of small businesses. In addition, they hardly take care of the entire training value chain in terms of Entrepreneurship, Business Management and Technical Skills.
So, we thought about developing an innovation that will address these socio-economic problems and also unite the African people worldwide so as to develop entrepreneurship among youths in the African continent because unity is vital to economic, social, and political progress as we aim to “unify and uplift” people of African descent.
This was part of the reason why we developed the EasyBizGrant App so young entrepreneurs can apply for financial grant for their business start-up in Africa.
We seek entrepreneurs with great growth potentials and have passion for entrepreneurship and wealth creation in the African continent; entrepreneurs who will play a vital roles in the continent’s economic transformation.
We hope entrepreneurs who will have access to these funds will scale up their ventures and employ as many youths as possible in order to help us solve unemployment issues in the continent.
Our panelists comprising of renowned entrepreneurs, academics and professionals will select the best entries for the award of the grant every season.
The parameters for selection of the best entries are:
*The ability of the proposal to produce an entrepreneur, develop skills, space for growth.
*The ability of the proposal to meet global standards and best practices.
*The ability of the proposal to impact on people especially the masses
*The ability of the proposal to outlive different seasons
*The ability of the proposal to be modified to suit the needs and demands of the people
*The ability of the proposal to empower youths and generate empowerment
*The originality of the business proposal
*The ability of the proposal to accommodate grants received
*The proposal must be able to pass through appraisal at different times from the grant sponsors to ensure that grant given is put to judicious use
*The proposal must conform with the laws and regulations of the Area/zone/district/LGA/ State where it is located and must be bound by those rules
*The business proposal must be registrable as a company
*The business proposal should demonstrate a high level of originality
*The selection considered admist other factors remain the prerogative of the panelists who will ensure an unparallelled level of transparency and adherence to these set parameters.
We hope to help both young entrepreneurs and established entrepreneurs raise over
$1,000,000 yearly to grow their businesses.
If Kelvin Macharia Kuria, a 25 year old Kenyan, and Founder, Sunrise Tracking could started his entrepreneurship journey with only $300 and his Sunrise Tracking was nominated for the CIO100 East Africa Awards from 2013 to 2015, he made Forbes Most Promising Entrepreneurs and reaped $80,000 in revenues in 2015 then we believe you can achieve the same or more with $300!!!

Note that if you make double submission in a season, that is using the same EasyBizGrant App to apply twice for financial grant, you will be disqualified.
Once you benefit from the program, you can no longer use the same App to apply because your data will be moved to a new category.
Please all applicants Must write to us in English. Translate all other languages to English before sending to us.

We do not have agents, do not believe anybody that ask you to pay money or give anything so that he/she can help you get a financial grant.

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