iROKO Co-Founder, Jason Njoku Announces Data-free Movie Downloads For All Subscribers

Jason Njoku, co-founder of African entertainment and tech company, iROKO has announced data-free movie downloads for all subscribers will be launched on February 1, 2017.

In his Beyond Data Medium post a while back, Jason fingered cost of data in Nigeria as one of the reasons why folks don’t download movies, and stated plans were underway to fight the data burden.

To do this, Jason stated irokotv’s Android app was being re-engineered to enable it use Wifi Direct technology, utilized by virtually all file sharing services (Xender/Fileshare/Flashshare, et al) to enable users share files from one device to another.

Much like the file sharing services, this technology will enable iROKO agents share files (in this case, movies) from the irokotv app with customers at zero data cost.

In a tweet yesterday, Jason stated beta testing of this new solution has been completed and the service will launch on February 1, 2017 for all its subscribers.


To use the service, subscribers will need to locate an irokotv kiosk (65 were deployed last year and 35 more will be deployed in Q1 2017) closest to them – the kiosk finder feature on the app will help. At the kiosk, they can download movies for free!

The ultimate goal of the solution is to enable users share movies, under the .iroko drm file storage framework, with other users. To watch the shared movies, they’ll need the irokotv app on their phones and a valid subscription


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