Economy: Ghana’s Government to Address the High Import Charges at the Ports

President Nana Akufo-Addo has stated that government will address the high import charges at the ports to encourage Ghanaian businesses contribute to the economy.

He added that the details of the move will be published in the first budget presentation, which will be laid before parliament by the Finance minister,  Ken Ofori Atta.

According to him, the issue of high taxes is being looked at by the Finance Minister.

“The complaints, that is being made is the harassing by customs officials of Ghanaian traders with concern about preferential treatment that they meet in terms of the duties imposed on them at the ports. We would like to take it up and let’s see what can be done to bring relief to our community,” he said.

Numerous concerns have been raised by Ghanaian business owners who lament over high charges at the ports.

Late last year, importers at the Tema port disclosed that some businesses have been compelled to relocate to neighboring country, Cote d’Ivoire due to the high taxes and charges imposed on their operations at the ports.

But president Akufo-Addo addressing members of the Ghanaian community in Gambia,  Banjul last Saturday assured that the finance minister is handling the issue and gave assurance that the charges will be addressed.

He maintained that the move will encourage Ghanaian business owners to contribute to the economy.


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