Never Give Up: 10 Lessons From AESP Tycoon of the Week, Patrice Motsepe

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It is highly evident that life is all about lessons. Life lessons, especially the ones that have positive impact. They help us to keep our lives in check and they are food to the soul. It should be any one’s pleasure
to learn from respectable and successful figures of our society. Each one of us faces a variety of challenges and we need to learn from the best.
This piece is focused on Patrice Motsepe, particularly the lessons that we can draw from his life, character and
experiences. Patrice Motsepe is a South African Citizen born in Soweto from a poor background. Through thick and thin, he has been able to find his way up the ladder to become the only black billionaire in South Africa. He is the founder and executive chairman of African Rainbow Minerals. Below is a list of 10
Lessons From Patrice Motsepe– The Richest Black South African.
1. Your Past can not Define your Future
Mr. Patrice Motsepe was born in Soweto from a poor background. He persevered through a very challenging
childhood. Despite growing up from a poor background, he managed to study hard enough to become a lawyer.
His successful law career, emphatically denounces the notion that when you come from a poor background it is hard to become successful. No matter where you come from in terms of economic stability there is no limit to the heights you can achieve. Just like Patrice Motsepe, you should always remember that sky is the limit.

2. Partnership Should be Considered
We easily forget the benefits of partnerships. If you follow Patrice Motsepe’s road to success, you will find that in 1994 he became a partner at Gilfillan law firm. Normally, one can never predict where such paths may lead to, but the overall idea remains that it leads you to what you really want in life. Some measures can be viewed as a means to an end and partnership is one of them. At times we get in a situation that might hold us
back or one that restrains our abilities, partnership will help you out of such a bind. You can always do partnership with potential people or companies and while keeping your eyes on the main goal.
3. Imbibe Leadership Qualities
Education plays a very important role in our society but to be able to lead, one needs to personally learn and
imbibe good leadership skills. From Mr. Motsepe’s style of running his day-to-day business, you will understand that it takes a great character to provide successful results from a company of such caliber. You really need to take control of your business but first, improve your leadership skills.
4. Pledge for a Humanitarian Cause
As much as you are busy improving your wealth status, remember that life comes with a lot of responsibilities.
Though things may be great in your life, you ought to remember that there are people around who are not as
lucky as you are, many people across the world face different type of challenges everyday.
From Patrice Motsepe’s donations, you will realize that he is dedicated to humanitarian work. He offered
to contribute half of his wealth to improve the lives of the poor. With other billionaires of the world, he has joined The Giving Pledge where they donate funds to cater for the needy persons in the society.
5. Character Defines You
Motsepe is an upright straight-to-the-point kind of man, many describe him as calm and appreciative of the
value of facts. Such character shows that he definitely doesn’t make rash decisions, his calmness means he takes his time to think and only deals with facts. When you look at Patrice there are quite a number of positive attributes that builds his energetic life. You have to ensure that you develop good character that will highly define you in the society; this will eventually guide you to more elevated heights.
6. Take up Challenges
Patrice Motsepe’s life has always been about challenges, despite being born in poverty, he never looked down, and it is obvious poverty was his main strength. To have achieve such success means he has encountered quite a number of challenges. Quitting is never an option if you really want success, view any problem as a challenge and make it an opportunity to hit even greater heights.
Remember, whatever doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger.
7. You Only Have to Compete With Yourself
As charming as Mr. Motsepe is, you will notice that he doesn’t do anything to please people around him. Whatever he does has nothing to do with his popularity. When a man pledges half of his life’s earnings to a good cause, it definitely means he cares for others as well. Despite being among the top rich people he
can afford to donate half of his wealth to the poor. When you compete with yourself for a good course you make wise decisions that promote good character.
8. Determination Will Always Pay Off
After facing many childhood challenges mostly influenced by poverty, it is only feasible that he was determined to succeed in life and it all paid off well for him. He is not just determined to succeed, he is
determined that people around him must also succeed.
9. Unity is Power
Motsepe stated that he is highly inspired by the spirit of Ubuntu. Ubuntu is translated “I am because you are”. This actually means that in order to achieve fulfillment in life we as humans need each other. This is a good notion and you will understand it more if you are running a company or into your own personal business.You should never despise any one too much to work with them because there will come time when you will
require his or her help.
10. You Need a Vision You
Can Make Your Mission Life is all about having visions, it is the only way to achieve the best and live a successful life. Clearly from Mr. Motsepe’s life history you will learn what vision he definitely had. Because he was brought up in a poor background he never despaired from aiming higher he actually went on to
achieve the best anyone could ever want for himself. Even at 53, he still looks strong and we can only imagine what visions of greater heights he still has. Visions give you purpose and help you to keep focused.



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