Africa: African Property Group Launches 8 New Online Real Estate Platforms in 8 Countries


African Property Group has launched eight new online real estate platforms in eight countries in Africa to allow people search for properties from their PCs or mobile phones.

The countries are Lesotho (, Malawi (, Somalia (, Seychelles (, Zambia (, Botswana (, Swaziland ( and Zimbabwe (

“With a combined population of more than 65 million people, these websites are significant for the developing nations and are the first of their type in those marketplaces,” African Property Group stated.

People in these countries will be able to search for various types of properties such as houses, apartments, lands, farms and others. Also, it will provide real estate agents, homeowners and tenants a new way to buy, sell and rent their properties faster.

In the coming months, African Property Group will expand into new countries in Africa it considers emerging, as more and more people there gain access to the Internet.

African Property Group claims to be the first property marketplace in Africa that’s offering users platforms to sell, buy and rent properties like apartments, homes, villas, condominiums, offices, shops, lands, farms and other real estate online.

The company has been privately seed funded by investors in Australia and is based in Sydney. They hire operators in each market they operate in and have a strategic team of 5 people in Sydney.

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