Grow a Business in Africa- 4 Marketing Tips for Startups

Every start-up needs innovative marketing ideas that will set them apart from competitors and make customers come to them. This may sound quite simple. Yes it is quite simple. Every upcoming entrepreneur could adopt these marketing tips to promote his business and attract more customers. Here are the four marketing tips for start-ups that want to succeed in Africa.

1- Seek Relevant Partnerships

As part of the reasons why many upcoming musicians often seek collaborations with already established musical giants is to enjoy their shine and ride on the popularity of these established musicians for their own exposure. This should also not be a strange concept for any young entrepreneur. Teaming up with organizations or persons could be as simple as having your company logo represent in a video or appear on a popular website. As a startup, because you may not have enough resources to place regular adverts on the traditional media platforms, seek partnerships that will help project your company. Think about partnering organizations that will help expose your business. But be prepared to offer something worthy in return. These partnerships may not come free.

2- Be Everywhere

As a start-upper seeking to break into the market, take advantage of the various social media platforms. Being everywhere should not only be restricted to social media, it literally means everywhere. Call on radio stations; speak to TV stations, use billboards, bumper stickers and t-shirts etc. In effect, you want your brand to be noticed by your target audience so exhaust all available means to market your company. When I began my consultancy firm some years ago, my marketing strategy was an aggressive one; I targeted all available mediums and to my surprise, on many occasions, I paid so little for my ads. Being everywhere also means you should focus on the target audience. Be different and get your name out there as much as possible.

3- Engage in CSR

Engaging in Corporate Social Responsibility is one of the best ways to market your start-up. Many a times, you do not need a huge budget to engage in an effective CSR project. For example; when I launched my consultancy some years ago, we decided to engage in tree planting in the city. We were able to bring several partners on-board to undertake this exercise successfully. We realized that we were able to market our services by visiting several television and radio stations in the city. It cost us virtually nothing. This is how CSRs can be important in marketing your services as an upcoming entrepreneur.

4- Have Customers Become Part of the Team

While listening to and engaging your customers are vital to securing the loyalty of your customers, you must seek to raise the bar and make customers feel part of the team. To effectively use this model, identify customers who can assist you with their influence to reach larger markets and bring them on-board. I became a victim of this principle when a young entrepreneur decided to recruit me to be a part of the management team of his company. I was what he needed to reach out to his larger target audience around the world and he took advantage of it. To effectively use this principle, make an effort to know your customers and build healthy and lasting relationship with your customers.


From RawAfrica by G.K. Sarpong


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