Ghana, India Partner To Build Strong SME Growth Opportunities


Ghana is set to acquire and benefit from trade ideas from the Indian government following bilateral trade talks between the two countries.

This transpired when the High Commissioner of India to Ghana; Birender Singh, paid a courtesy call on Business Development Minister, Ibrahim Mohammed Awal on Monday.

Speaking at the brief meeting in Accra, Mr. Ibrahim Awal pledged to work assiduously with the Indian Government to build strong SME growth opportunities for Ghana.

He also believes the agreement will promote strong trade activities between the two countries.

“We are committed to removing all obstacles that hinder business growth in this country. For us, the private sector is the driver of business. Government has therefore committed itself to engaging the private sector very well. That is why this ministry was created. To look at the SME sector. They contribute over 90% of all businesses in this country and contribute over 60% – 70% of GDP. To enhance development therefore, it’s good to look at the challenges and the opportunities of this SME sector and initiate policies, initiatives and programs to make sure the sector improves,” he said.

The Minister also called on the Indian High Commissioner to support the initiative to improve and strengthen the SME sector in Ghana.

“I want to especially appeal to you that I want us to have a very strong SME sector relationship between India and Ghana. It’s one of the greatest appeals I wish to make to you. How can Indians support us to improve and strengthen the SME sector in Ghana so that the private sector thrives? When they thrive, they will expand; when they expand they employ more people because unemployment is one of the key challenges in this country.”

“So a special comment I want to make to you a special request is that help us support and improve the private sector, especially the SME. In terms of training, in terms of access to affordable capital, technology, and innovation so that the private sector will expand, they can employ and then improve the lives of Ghanaians,” he added.

On his part, the Indian High Commissioner to Ghana; Birender Singh promised to share India’s experiences with the Minister to ensure Ghanaians find the best solutions to improve SME businesses.

“We will be happy to share our experiences with the whole idea to promote the growth of small and medium scale industries. That’s the point I have been trying to emphasize that we do not prescribe solutions. We only offer to share our experiences and then it is up to you that based on your contextual situation and your culture and your society, and civilization like how you can best come out with the solution to your own issues.” he said.


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