ZPSL: Zimbabwean Technology Startup to Use Its Bot to Write Football News


Controvert Media, a Zimbabwean technology startup, has announced its bot will write football news on the Zimbabwe Premier Soccer League, which will kick off in March/April 2017.

The startup isn’t new to this bot game. It previously used bots to create content on Pindula.com, as well as a ‘Facebook Messenger Quiz bot‘. Most recently, it used a bot at the 2017 African Cup of Nations (AFCON).

The AFCON bot used artificial intelligence to quickly create basic yet useful reports on final match scores, scoring players and other data-centric information about the matches. These content appeared on soccer24.co.zw, a popular football news site in Zimbabwe.

“We’re excited about this achievement and our journalists will get to focus on the more complicated aspects of the game, as well as the more opinion-driven content that we provide our readers,” said William Chui, cofounder & CEO of Controvert Media.

He added, “There are just things that bots can’t do as well as humans. For example, a bot can’t tell the heavy emotions around a near miss by a losing team, and/or the despair expressed by the coach as a country nears their exit from a tournament. The bot is freeing our journalists to do this kind of content which our readers really appreciate.”

The startup has intentions to use the AFCON bot beyond the AFCON tournament, and has now announced it is keen to start with the upcoming Zimbabwe Premier Soccer League.

Launched in 2016, Controvert Media builds Internet tools and content platforms to make the Internet relevant to local people in Africa. The startup operates Soccer24.co.zw, Techzim.co.zw and Pindula.co.zw.

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