New Features: Video Streaming Platform, Video Moja Releases #AppUpdate16

Video Moja, a video streaming platform that allows users to watch the latest African movies, instantly and for free, has announced that after months of preparation the latest update, #AppUpdate16, has been released.
Video Moja works on any device including mobile phones, tablets, Tv’s and computers using responsive design technology. They deliver high quality services to web users and also have a native mobile application. The network has a worldwide audience from Africa, United States, Europe and parts of Asia and offers over 1000 movies to choose from.


Video Moja: #AppUpdate16 Features
Clean & Simple Interface: We are introducing a simpler & cleaner design for all to navigate with ease and in style!
Personalized Platform: The more you use Video Moja, the more it will understand your taste in movies. With our new Recommendation Feature, the app will recommend the next movie to watch based on either the current movie you’re watching or your past history.
Control Your Data/Internet Use: To save you more data, you can make Video Moja to only use Wi-Fi when streaming Nigerian movies.
Share & Rate: Your valuable feedback can be shared via Facebook commenting with our Social Experience updates and also by rating movies, and sharing them with your friends.

Core features still available
Free Membership: Video Moja offers free membership access to everyone!
Easy Settings / Customizable Profile: Keep Video Moja personalized by editing your own profile anytime and tweak the settings to your liking.
Favorite Movies In-App: Found Nollywood movies you like on our app? Simply favorite them with a simple tap on the screen and keep track of them in your profile.
1,000+ Movies: Our team has been on the hunt to add more movies on the platform and we were very determined to make sure this update included 1k movies to select


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