Startup: Pure/Bottled Water Business in Nigeria – How to Start?


Pure water business is very important for our country. Nigeria is the largest in terms of population (nearly 180 million people) and one of the richest reserves of hydrocarbons in the country of Africa. Over the past two years, the country is experiencing the negative effects of the economy due to the fall in world oil prices, the proceeds of which ensured its relative financial and economic stability. However, it continues to lead in terms of GDP (423 billion US. Dollars.).
Pure water business in Nigeria – How to start?
According to international analysts, in 2017 GDP will decrease by almost 1.8%. A major problem is an inflation, which reached 18.3% already. Depreciating local currency has a negative impact on imports, by satisfying the basic needs of the population in food and industrial products.
A bottling of drinking water is becoming very popular and really a justifiable business in Nigeria. The water quality in all regions of Nigeria is getting worse. So in connection with this situation people see the source of
additional income or principal in the opening bottling drinking water point.
Not everyone can afford to establish the water purification system for the house, apartment, cottage, so you have to either buy bottled water or stationary points of bottling drinking water.
Pure water business plan
Pure water business in Nigeria – How to start?
First, you need put these things in place:
1. Location to site your pure water factory;
2. Water source;
3. NAFDAC Registration;
4. Water purification system;
5. Pure water sealing machine (or pure water machine);
6. Distribution Van;
7. Factory workers;
8. Distributors.
Pure water business in Nigeria – How to start?
You need to think about each point above as they create any pure water business in Nigeria. Make a list of them
and write own where you are going to find distributors, how much distribution van will cost, what factory workers’ salary will be, etc.
Increasingly, people who care about their health and prefer to buy their own water to the point of sale of pure water.
The quality of imported bottled water may significantly differ because of inappropriate work of the personnel.
Buying water at the points of water spill, you can see the entire cleaning process ‘live’, ask questions if it is
necessary. The water in these areas is always tasty and clean, safe for the human body.
Pure water factory layout
Pure water business in Nigeria – How to start?
The building plan for pure water factory may seem not so difficult, but it is false. This is quite expensive and long-term process which requires a lot of knowledge, patience, and money. You need to find a proper place, consult a lot of specialists, such as engineers, etc. And the building will cost you not less than N5,000,000 – N15,000,000.
However, there is one idea. To clean water at the place of its sale – so called spill area.
Classic water purification systems that are positioned spill areas, clean water in several stages :
Pure water business in Nigeria – How to start?
Stage 1 – mechanical cleaning of water.
With mechanical treatment of the water suspended matter is removed: fine particles of sand, oxidized iron, etc…
Stage 2 – water purification from residual chlorine and pesticides, using a charcoal filter;
Step 3 – water treatment using reverse osmosis system. Reverse osmosis cleans water from salts, bacteria, viruses, noxious elements;
Stage 4 – the enrichment of water with useful minerals and salts. Reverse osmosis system purifies water by 95%, so the water requires more mineralization;
Stage 5 – water disinfection using ultraviolet lamp;
Pure water business in Nigeria – How to start?
Setting up all the water purification system is based on the chemical analysis of water. If it is not tapped water, it is necessary to make the further bacteriological analysis of water.
Proceeding from the above-described water treatment process, it becomes clear that the creation of a business
bottling pure water will make you purchase some equipment. You will need a place with access to piped water
or another water source. It is also necessary to maintain the system and periodically make an analysis of the
incoming water, which would monitor the quality.
Pure water production
Pure water business in Nigeria – How to start?
The specialists are able to pick up a water purification system for filling different performance. Thanks to
extensive experience in the design of industrial water treatment systems of different capacities, they will help you start your own pure water production.
You only need to find them and tell about your plans.
Now you know how to make pure water business in our country.



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