Dubai-Africa Partnership for Better Health Roadshow 2017

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The Dubai-Africa Partnership for Better Health Roadshow 2017 is the first initiative of its kind and is held under the patronage of Dubai Health Authority (DHA) in association with Dubai Health Experience (DXH). Organized by SEGMA, the show will bring together health and medical organizations from across Dubai to visit destinations representing fast growing African countries with good potential to improve relations and cooperation between the two sides.

The Dubai-Africa Partnership for Better Health Roadshow 2017 kicks off with Africa in 2017, comprising a series of legs focusing on different regions of Africa. In total, the Africa circuit has four legs spaced out in Spring 2017 – beginning with West Africa, visiting Lagos and Abuja in Nigeria and then Accra in Ghana. The subsequent legs of the roadshow will follow in East Africa, visiting Addis Ababa in Ethiopia and Nairobi in Kenya, South Africa where Cape Town and Johannesburg will be visited, and finally, North Africa where Rabat in Morocco is the final destination in the Africa circuit.

For its first leg in West Africa, the Dubai-Africa Partnership for Better Health Roadshow 2017 will bring together at least twenty health and medical service providers with a range of profiles in terms of specialist focus areas alongside Dubai Health Authority, Dubai Health Experience, and the local UAE Embassy officials to meet with key stakeholders in the target market.

The target audience for the roadshow has been identified by input from the patrons and partners of the roadshow in the UAE and their destination country as well as from participating health maintenance organizations (HMOs), medical centers, private hospitals, and travel agencies.

The format for the roadshow will involve a small exposition with stands where exhibitors will be facilitated with their business development objectives through multiple means. The organizers will also guarantee a number of pre-arranged one-on-one meetings and a series of customized networking sessions with key senior decision-makers and facilitators over the course of their stay in each city to all Dubai-based sponsors and participants of the roadshow.

Dubai-Africa Partnership for Better Health Roadshow 2017 will be supporting HMOs, medical centers, and private hospitals with and from primarily the following specialty areas showcase their capabilities:

Dubai-Africa Partnership for Better Health Roadshow 2017

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