Niger Delta Power Holding Company, Azuri Tech Launch PayGo Solar Home Systems

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Leading UK based provider of PayGo Solar home systems, Azuri Technologies has announced a partnership with Niger Delta Power Holding Company (NDPHC) to launch its PayGo Solar Home Systems in Nigeria.

Azuri’s PayGo Solar Home systems can power four LED bulbs providing up to 8 hours of lighting, a radio and a USB port with charging cables for mobile phones.

To own the unit, customers are required to pay the monthly top-up rate via mobile money for 36 months. Also, they’re provided an option of upgrading to a larger system, described as “energy escalator pathway.”

Azuri will deploy 20,000 solar home systems to 20,000 rural households living without electricity. The deployment is expected to create 500 direct jobs, including solar installer and agents (for a minimum of 24 months) and 5,000 indirect jobs.

“Nigeria’s commitment to increasing its renewable energy mix marks an opportunity for a reliable solar alternative to address the challenges of energy access,” said Simon Bransfield-Garth, Azuri CEO.

He added, “Azuri is delighted to be working with NDPHC and the Government of Nigeria for solar home systems to meet the immediate power requirements of rural communities.”

NDPHC is a government-funded initiative formed to add new capacity to Nigeria’s electricity supply system.

The partnership highlights the Government’s efforts to support the roll out of off-grid solar systems and its commitment to renewable technologies as a sustainable way to generate electricity for rural communities.

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