Mara Social Media Acquires Messaging App, Nimbuzz


Mara Social Media, an African multi-channel platform of online and mobile tech innovations, has announced the acquisition of messaging app, Nimbuzz for an undisclosed amount.

Launched in 2008, Nimbuzz is a cross-platform messaging app with mobile calling capabilities. Users can also use the app to make video calls, enable chat and file sharing worldwide.

The app, very popular in Nigeria some years ago, is available for Android, iPhone, and Symbian, MIDP, Windows Phone, BlackBerry and PC & MAC clients, and has over 200 million users worldwide.

“We see a strong momentum for consumer messaging apps, which are set to overtake social media apps globally. According to reports and current trends it is clear that social media apps are likely be eclipsed by messaging apps in the next two years. This is the opportunity, which we identified with Nimbuzz,” said Anubhav Nagar, CEO of Mara Social Media.

The acquisition will see Mara gain access to Nimbuzz’s & Holaa’s unified platform as well as their international assets, IP & Database. Mara plans to integrate the Nimbuzz platform with its existing Mara platforms including Mara Mentor and Mara Jobs into Nimbuzz Messenger and vice versa.

Mara’s long term goal with the acquisition and integrations is to enable commerce by growing and amplifying the power of the user base & engagement

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