DoctorsHub Nigeria Offering Free Online Medical Consultation

The horror of getting medical services in most government hospitals around Africa is still a big challenge facing most countries from long registration process, to queues and rescheduling of appointments, a platform like DoctorsHub would be a great relief for many.

Often times, the majority of Nigerians delay seeking medical help/advice until they become too sick and incapacitated ( many of them losing their lives in the process) by whatever ailments plague them. For others, it is the fear of hospital environments and the morbid fear of having to meet a doctor face-to-face that cripples them from seeking medical help from a doctor at the earliest stage of their ailments when they had a chance of getting cured. And for others, it is because they are unable to to afford the consultation fee charged by clinicians/doctors/hospitals.

DoctorsHub Nigeria was launched on the 20th of November, 2016 by Dr Damian Avar who saw a need to connect people no matter the age, sex, creed or social status in need  of a doctor’s’ opinion about their medical symptoms or conditions. Consultations which are strictly confidential can be done at any hour of the day and, in a bid to reach a wider audience, any preferred major Nigerian language — be it English, Pidgin, Yoruba, Igbo or Hausa. According to the founder, having these features all for free particularly gives them an edge over their counterparts.

DoctorsHub also attends to the health needs of Nigerians through a blog on its website, where health articles that address peculiar medical conditions are frequently published. To further facilitate an effective reach, Dr. Avar noted that content on the blog is rid of medical jargon in order to facilitate effective reach, and enable readers to easily grasp them and embrace their relevance.

Since inception, over 300 people with diverse health complaints have been successfully attended to without any form of advertisement. Even with a competitor like Kangpe, a service that connects patients with verified doctors via SMS, mobile app and web 24 hours a day, it doesn’t seems like DoctorsHub would have anything to worry about, as there would always be millions of Nigerians who are seeking medical consultations.

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