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It is pretty common for companies and their customers to have issues; they’re humans after all. What isn’t common however is a fair resolution to said issues. One of the parties involved, most of the time the customers, would always not be satisfied with the way everything panned out; they’ll feel cheated and used, and this isn’t the best feeling in the world – I know; I’ve been there.

Thanks to recently launched customer-focused service company,, the way issues are resolved between warring parties, especially in this our beloved Nigeria, is about to change for the better.

What does is very straightforward. It listens to the aggrieved party, take their complaints to the supposed erring party, listen to their side of the story too, and then comes up with a resolution both parties would be happy with, which could mean the aggrieved party gets compensated.

“We are changing the tone of the conversation, making sure customer service is taken a lot more seriously in today’s society. Everyday, I see more than one complaint about customer service somewhere in Nigeria and it goes to say that we sincerely have a problem and it must be tackled,” said Subomi Owo-Odusi,’s founder.

He added, “That’s why we are here, to get it resolved. It won’t always be smooth sailing but you must go ahead and #startsomething. Take the bull by the horn!”

While will do its best to help customers get their issues sorted, it wouldn’t hesitate to throw out the window issues that are non-issues – those that don’t hold water – and protect the business in question, effectively helping to protect their image. Remember, doesn’t take sides, neither does it take bribes!!! isn’t all about the customers alone though. Its “Resolve For Business” service helps businesses handle customer service issues professionally. Because one unhappy customer can in one day ruin a 10-year old business!

The startup is already gaining traction – check out testimonials here. Even the country’s Consumer Protection Council, the Government body responsible for protecting consumers against companies ‘that do anyhow’, has endorsed


The startup nurses the ambition of expanding across Africa and all over the world but is focusing on Nigeria and Ghana at the moment. If you got issues, simply visit Resolve, file your complaints with proofs, and wait for a fair resolution. This could happen faster than you think because don’t play!!!

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