As Nigeria Fights To Get Out Of Recession, Company Launches Platform For Nigerians To Raise Money

The African ePawn Shop is an online Nigerian-based startup  launched to help people raise money faster, sale easier and shop smarter.
The shop buy items/assets from people who want to raise money as soon as possible so that they can solve their immediate need. Unlike other platforms where sellers wait for forever for buyers to price or buy their items, African ePawn Shop buy directly from sellers and sale to shoppers. It allows people who are in urgent need of money to travel, pay bills, fund business, etc to raise money when they need it immediately. Also shoppers can also source for any items/asset from the store at a cheaper price. People who urgently need accessories and gadgets to execute  a job/ projects can lease items on the store.
The Nigerian-based startup was launched by Rays and Beams Pavillion in February 2017.

African ePawn Shop as a triple treat is a platform — where users can sale directly to the shop in order to raise money as soon as possible —  an on-demand platform, that helps people to lease accessories/gadgets they need to execute a job/projects and – where shoppers can source for cheaper  items/assets to buy.

How African ePawn Shop Works

Rays and Beams Pavillion founded the online platform around an idea. Anytime of the day, someone is really in need of money to travel, pay bills, fund business, etc but have limited or no place to go raise money. Banks are not giving easy loan and when they do, interest rate scare a lot of people away. So they company thought about starting a startup that will solve this problem for the people. Especially now that Nigeria is in recession and the people need a means of moving forward. They also understood the tough times people going into business face getting some items for their jobs/projects and if by chance, the desired items are found, affordability becomes another hurdle. All of these are time-consuming and stressful. Hence, the startup intends to provide a relief from this dilemma.

Our startup enables people to raise money, sale, buy or lease accessories and gadgets easier, faster and smarter.
Shoppers and those seeking to lease items can have it delivered within 2-5 working days.

They remain optimistic and hope to continue giving the people the kind of services that has never existed in Africa.
They remain unique in the startup ecosystem because unlike the other e-commerce platforms where sellers wait forever for buyers to come, they sale directly to use and we buy directly from them as soon as possible in a smart and easy way.

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