Crazy Citizens TV (CCTV) To Be Launched Soon In Africa

Crazy Citizens TV (CCTV) is set to take the African audience by storm by focusing on the production and delivery of numerous exclusive contents. Such contents which will not be found on any other platform will range from reality programs, business programs, sports programs, and lots more.
In acknowledgement of the rich African lifestyle and culture, Rays and Beams Pavillion is set to launch the Crazy Citizens TV (CCTV) on the African continent.
The Crazy Citizens TV entertainment programming will include Talk, Entertainment, Reality, Comedy, Drama, Lifestyle, Factual, among others, of which 70% of it will belong exclusively to us.
The coming of Crazy Citizens TV means it’s the dawn of a new era in the African continent and we are motivated by the need to create and remain an alternative form of media for the continent.
We will reinvent and redefine Africa in a way the world has never seen before. Also, we are working to bring out the funny of side of Africa and put a smile on the faces of the people. This is the moment to change the poor face of Africa that the world see and present a better Africa that Africans will be very proud of. The desire to make the world to see the better and greater side of Africa the  way we see it keeps driving us to constantly inspire and celebrate Africa and we will achieve this through Crazy Citizens TV while enabling it to take its place on the global stage as a media and entertainment powerhouse.
As a proposed Pan-African TV, we will bring different lifestyle, entertainment, culture, comedy, etc across Africa under one room.
We aim to be the next largest self-owned library on the continent. With outlined rich and educative contents, we hope to be the best thing to come out of Africa.
We welcome partnership from individuals and groups that will grow and develop Africa across the globe.

Kindly follow us on Instagram @crazy_citizens_tv for entertaining videos and pictures.

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