African Entrepreneur Startup Project: The One Stop Shop For Entrepreneurs and Startups

African Entrepreneur Startup Project is a Pan-African Initiative specializing in startups.
It is a business support Initiative that helps African startups and entrepreneurs in business development, consulting, business financing and support services.
African Entrepreneur Startup Project is powered by African leading company, Rays and Beams Pavillion Ltd to typically support and invest in African startups and it is based in Nigeria.
We are committed to redefining and reinventing wealth creation on the African continent.
African Entrepreneur Startup Project is building the tools to help startups with the most critical needs: business development, consulting, business financing and support services. If we can do it at scale,  more startups will get started, access to support services get easier, getting finance to expand businesses, connection to mentors and investors becomes faster which leads to more innovation, and more good for society.
We want to create the largest one stop shop for startups and entrepreneurs. We are developing software to do it at scale and make our services smarter. Best of all, most of it is free.

Business Development: We have supported about 28 startups in business development. Our services are done by professionals who are hungry to see entrepreneurs and their Startups become outstanding in the ecosystem.

Consulting: More than 107 entrepreneurs and startups consult us for the best decisions and advise on how to get the best. We are always looking forward to hearing from entrepreneurs.

Business Financing: We have funded more than 50 individuals to start their own business on a small scale. We continue to seek individuals and entrepreneurs who can make a dollar from a dollar and also have great passion for entrepreneurship. We are working towards funding major startups and entrepreneurs across Africa.

Support Services: Our support services to startups and entrepreneurs include, making jungles and advertisement for businesses, business registration, business planning, financial planning, marketing planning, workspace sourcing,
investment sourcing, digital and social media marketing, technology support for operations, website development, brand development, marketing, new product development, funding sources, financial and legal issues, among others. So far we have more than 100 businesses we render these services to both for free and charged.

Some of our partners include NUU Technologies Ltd, WealthBankers, Constbay Vaults Ltd, House of Cintas, SOMADONALDS ENTERPRISE, among others.
African Entrepreneur Startup Project through dedication, consistency and Integrity is constantly focused on new ways to help startups and people in the entrepreneurship world do better.

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