Get Funding: 10 Top Venture Capital Firms in Nigeria

1. Cordros Capital Ltd

This firm is located in Lagos. It analyses the market helping investors to take well-informed decisions. It offers venture capital and many other services, including risk management, administrating funds, giving financial advice etc. Their website is

2. Venture Garden Group
This company focuses on modern technology that can help Africa become a better place to live, modern data solutions, and investments in promising projects. Their website is

3. Unique Venture Capital
This private VC company was established in 2004. It is willing to work with interesting projects and help bring innovative business ideas into life by supporting hem through funds. The site is

4. Lighthouse Investment Ltd
This is a trusted firm with a history of over 20 years. It knows the Nigerian market and offers debt and equity to help new-growing businesses in the country. The company’s site is

5. StreSERT Services Limited
The company works with businesses, analyses and evaluates how different problems can affect the business, and deploys the practices that help to achieve the set goals and solutions. The site is

6. Kord Capital Limited
This company provides finances and alternative investments to projects and businesses that respect the Islamic principles and knowledge of the law. The website of the company is

7. TLcom Capital LLP
Located in Lagos, this Nigerian VC firm is happy to work with ambitions and promising businesspersons helping with funds and building necessary business skills to succeed. The site is

8. Henshaw Capital Partners Ltd
The company is located in Lagos. It works with venture capitals and is involved in developing of products for equity industry. It promotes VC strategies and information among entrepreneurs, private, and institutional investors etc. The site is

9. KVP
This is an international VC company called KVP or Kaizen Venture Partners. It provides funds to new businesses in Nigeria, Ghana, and other African countries. Their site is

10. Treasure Capital and Trusts Ltd
This global firm accessed the Nigerian market back in 2009. It offers different services to new businesses, including capitals, financial advice, and management tools. Their website is and the main office is located in Lagos.

These companies in Nigeria can be handy when you are working on a new interesting idea. All venture capital companies understand the possible risks of failing and money loss, but they have enough expertise and experience to take calculated risks and fund new firms with promising projects and hardworking team.

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