American Company Looking for Potential African Startups for Investment Opportunities

One thing among many things Leland Rice does as the CEO and co-founder of Dedalus Global, an investment and consultancy company based in Washington DC is to search for potential startups and invest in them.

Rice who was at the just concluded second National Fintech Conference in Lagos said that his company focuses on emerging markets and emerging technologies with core interest in Africa and Middle East to drive innovation, accelerate capital deployment, and create value for clients and the economies where they operate.

“We do seed funding for African companies who are offering real work solutions, scalable solutions that promote financial solution and inclusion, funding application for block chain technology specifically that move beyond just bit coin, crypto currencies, block chain applications for land registering, and identities”, he said.

Rice added that the company seeks technology platforms and their organisation is in Nigeria for opportunities, and scalable business.

“We are looking for the lead person who has the idea and technical capabilities; we look at scalability, geography, and demography behind it.”

He described Nigeria as an attractive country that is big with a growing middle-class that has entrepreneurial drive.

Rice also said that the Co-founder of Flutterwave, Iyinoluwa Aboyeji is a young and brilliant entrepreneur who have attracted $10 million fund from Facebook founder, Mark Zukerberg.

“Aboyeji is a serial entrepreneur who is creating applications that have actually have created impacts.

“It makes sense that he makes such amount of money from Facebook to unify mobile wallet, to facility remittances and we like companies like Flutterwave”, Rice said.

Rice is the Chairman of the advisory board for the Africa Fintech Summit that will be held in Washington DC in April, 2018.

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