Thinking of Palm Oil Business? See Companies That Buy Palm Oil in Nigeria

After the natural crude oil, palm kernel oil is often named the second most valuable treasure of Nigeria. This oil is among the most expensive vegetable plant oils in the world due to its unique characteristics and abilities. Well, what are the companies that purchase this oil in its native land?

What is the palm oil?
Red palm oils contain plenty of carotene and an incredible amount of vitamins. It’s used for both industrial and food purposes and exported from Nigeria to many countries all around the globe. Today, it’s one of the most important components of beauty care and cosmetic means, food products, washing agents and soap, paints, and even organic fuel.

A powerful anti-oxidant, a source of energy and valuable vitamins and minerals, a great base for numerous industrial substances, palm oil is the desired product for many foreign companies.

Who are the main palm oil and palm kernel oil buyers in Nigeria?

Nigeria is among the 5 biggest producers of palm oil and palm kernel oil in the entire world. Nigeria produces practically 1 million tons of this oil annually! It’s a great amount and it’s interesting that a big part of it is purchased by home buyers almost instantly.

So, let’s check out one by one each big company that buys palm kernel oil in Nigeria.

Sunny Oil Nig. Ltd.
This company is located in Mushin, Lagos. The company purchases palm oil and palm oil products (in addition to other farming goods) for food purposes. If you are interested in more details and further information on the company, check out the list of businesses in Nigeria

Planet Oil and Chemical Ind. Ltd.
This Abia company is also interested in palm oil and in kernel oil but it’s also able to crush the kernel seeds and refine the oil on their own. If you are interested in more details and further information on the company, check out the list of businesses in Nigeria

Om Oil Ind. Ltd.
This company is located in Ikeja, it purchases and retails palm oil and farming products and also the equipment required to process palm seeds and palm oil.

Phemson Nig. Ltd.
The company from Lagos is also interested in purchasing the necessary equipment for palm oil production, ready products, and palm seeds.

Emily Millionaire Cosmetics
This company is famous for their beauty care products and it’s ready to buy palm kernel oil in Nigeria for cosmetic purposes. It’s located in Lagos.

PS Mandrides Plc.
The Kano company is known for distribution and manufacturing of diverse vegetable oils including palm oil and palm kernel oil.

Where to sell or buy palm oil in Nigeria

Well, this is a small list of companies that are known as retailers of palm oil and palm kernel oil in Nigeria. Of course, they are much more numerous in Nigeria but, at least, these are the most famous and reputable ones.

In case you are searching for options to buy or sell your own palm oil, palm kernel, palm seeds, or other related to the manufacturing of the oil, you know where to turn first of all. Should you be interested in more retailers of palm oil in Nigeria, you can always try and search for more information on the Internet.

There are business directories and lists that you can check out on the Internet. If you are seriously interested in these companies, you can always try to purchase paid lists of the biggest and most famous companies on the palm oil market. These lists can also be found on the Internet.


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