Making Entrepreneurship In Africa Easier For Everyone Aspiring

Africa’s leading platform for entrepreneurs and startups, African Entrepreneur Startup Project, (AESP) is an initiative designed to distrupt and make entrepreneurship in Africa easier for everyone aspiring to be successful.
At AESP, we are Value-chasers who are focused on producing and delivering value to others. We’re always asking ourselves “How can we give more? How can we be more valuable?” because we know that true success is the amount of value an individual or a business is able to deliver to the marketplace.
From offering entrepreneurs and startups media exposure, support services, mentorship, to funding micro businesses, we are creating a Pan-African community where Africans, Entrepreneurs, Startups and Projects can easily lean on to achieve their aspirations with ease and contribute to the growth of their economies. We are working round the clock to build businesses like no one else and better than anyone.
We are on a mission to be the Amazon of entrepreneurship in Africa and bring more exciting innovations that will distrupt the way of doing things in the African ecosystem.
Determination, consistency, commitment, integrity and competency are our words because we are the future and the future means diversification.
As a Pan-African community, we remain open to opportunities, partnership, collaborations and affiliations that will bring more developments and growth to Africa and Africans.

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