Get Rich Challenge: The 3 In 1 Challenge Supporting Africans with Funds, Mentorship & Saving

Nigeria’s Rays and Beams Pavillion has challenged Aspired Africans to take their own destiny in their own hands and work towards a good life as they open applications for micro-entrepreneurs and -business people to join the Get Rich Challenge.
The aim of the Challenge is to provide better option for wealth creation, reduce poverty and unemployment in Africa as micro business funding remain a major setback for many aspirations and dreams in Africa.
During the challenge, aspiring Africans will be given an initial business micro fund to check for capacity and character as low as $5 (in their local currency) which will be increased as they service their savings.
The initiative is targeted at Africans who have the ability and willingness to make something out of nothing but lack the necessary support to come out of poverty and become self made.
Aspiring entrepreneurs and business people will be selected monthly to join the Challenge.
They will be given an initial micro fund to start as we guided on how to transform their ideas into practical business plans, manage business risk, navigate difficult moments, develop partnership to help their business grow and save their profits.
With the CheetahPay platform, participants won’t worry about going to bank to deposit money, they will easily Deposit Money in their bank account using Airtime and we can easily guide them through the financial pyramid and it will also help us to know who to fund to the next level of the Challenge.
We Challenge Africans to rise from the ashes and make something out of nothing by hustling their way to the top during the challenge.

What are you waiting for? Join the journey now or you can help that one person who need this opportunity to rise.

Simply email:

[email protected] and tell us

Your Personal Information

Surname * First Name * Middle Name

Date of Birth *

Nationality *

Gender *

Contact Details

Street Address *

Contact Country *

Contact State/Province/Region *

In what area of your state/region do you reside *

City/Town *

Postal Code

Mobile Number *

Email *

About Me *
Tell us about yourself, personal bio and why you like business

Business Profile

Describe the business you want to start and how much profit you can make in a week starting with $5 (convert to local currency).

Why did you choose to start the business?

Kindly note that Participants must understand English language and have a separate bank account to save his/her profits during the challenge.
For us to know when a participant is going down financially and need any form of support from us, all savings Must be made through CheetahPay using Airtime (Recharge cards).

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