Become An Author With Talktech And Earn up to N10,000 Monthly

I am glad you showed interest in becoming an author with .
At Talk technologies, we share useful information on the internet in the area technology and we would like to have as many authors that will be willing to join us and share valuable contents.
The payment varies according to the categories but it is a great avenue for you to earn while doing what you love. We pay our authors on weekly basis for all the quality articles being written throughout the week. For instance, one of our authors earns up to N10,000 monthly while sharing useful tutorials on our platform.
Payment Breakdown:
1. Graphics Design tutorial of 500 words and above, we pay N500 for every 4 articles daily.
2. Phone tweaks (tutorials) of 500 words and above, we pay N500 for every 5 articles daily.
3. Computer repair/tweaks (tutorials), we pay N500 for 5 articles daily.
4. Other categories (Social Media, Mobile Application etc) we pay N500 for every 5 articles daily.
1. We don’t accept more than 5 articles from one author in a day and all articles.
2. Each article or tutorial must be unique, original and free from plagiarism.
3. For Tutorials, they must always be accompanied by at least 4 images.
4. We will be sending out accumulated payment at the end of every week along with recharge cards as a bonus to the most amazing author of the week.
5. You don’t necessarily need the basic knowledge of SEO.
How to Get Started:
1. Create a Gravatar account and upload a clean display picture of you smiling.
2. Register Here and confirm your email
3. Complete the short registration form and Register
4. Once you have confirmed your email, Login to your account and Click the “Add New” button under “Post”
and submit your first article under the appropriate category.
5. Once your article passed our review, you’ll have to
visit your profile and fill in your biography details and we’ll reach you with other details.
For more enquiries, reach me on WhatsApp: 08130848833

Taofeek Abiola

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