Understanding CFTA and the Need to Empower African Youths Through “Get Rich Challenge”

A new global trade player known as CFTA recently emerged from the African Union. CFTA — Continental Free Trade Area — seeks to drive development in Africa through a ‘radical’ integration of Africa economies. The draft agreement highlights its objective of creating a single continental market for goods and services in Africa through accelerating the establishment of a common Continental Customs Union. As ambitious as the agreement seems, it is a product of a historical desire of African leaders to build ‘deep’ connections among African economies. This desire dates back to early 1960s when President Kwame Krumah of Ghana proposed the United State of Africa.
As African young population embrace entrepreneurship as a way to create more opportunities and building a better economy for the African continent, there is need to set them on a right path of getting a good head start in their entrepreneurial life as it is crucial to unleashing the best skills and talent in any individual.
As a way of giving Africans that good head start to achieve greatness, Rays and Beams Pavillion launched the "Get Rich Challenge" to promote entrepreneurship and saving culture among the African youths.
The "Get Rich Challenge" will focus on providing funding, mentoring and saving platform for the participants to achieve the objectives of the initiative.
The new initiative in line with the Sustainable Development Goals ( SDGs ) will focus on social and economic development issues with a major focus on:

* No Poverty
*Zero Hunger
*Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure
*Decent work and Economic Growth
*Over all good health & wellbeing.

In achieving these goals and more, the challenge provides would be entrepreneurs with micro-funds to start up business of their own, mentorship and a platform to guide the participants develop a savings culture to help them build up their pool of funds which they can use to invest later on as they desire.
We challenge inspired Africans to rise from the ashes and make something out of nothing by working their way to the top during the challenge as we are ready to guide them through the stages of financial journey; the foundation, accumulation, maintenance and distribution.
We have a team that will guide them on how to transform their ideas into practical business plans, manage business risk, navigate difficult moments, develop partnership to help their business grow and save their profits in their bank account.
Talent exchanges and support among African ecosystems continue to grow. Developer communities are increasingly becoming more African in their scope and movement. For instance, Forloop is rapidly growing to become Africa’s largest independent developer network, closely following behind Google Developer Group (GDG). Other developer communities such as Andela Learning Community (ALC), Figma Africa, Devcenter, Open Source Africa etc are pushing their movement across developer communities in Africa. Similarly, startups, tech hubs and investment firms in Africa are leveraging business collaborations across the continent to exploit the continental market.
This brings to mind the likely impact of the African Continental Free Trade Agreement if implemented. The AfCFTA is expected to enable free movement of business persons and investments across the continent.
Until the CFTA is implemented the Get Rich Challenge will continue to empower and support Africans at the grassroots level with funding, mentoring and saving platform until they develop into big businesses in the ecosystems that will need the single continental market for their goods and services .
Application is open for the challenge.


Credit Joseph Ibeh.

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