Get Rich Challenge: Where Business Funding Meet Saving Culture

According to World Bank research we have about 70 million people that are living below US$2 per day in Nigeria and that shows the rate of poverty and hunger in the country.
With over 1000 commercial and microfinance banks, FinTech Startups working hard to bridge the poverty gap and also reduce the level of unemployment and we came up with well-tailored product called the "Get Rich Challenge" that will challenge the people to embrace entrepreneurship and saving culture.
While most organizations that give these people funds to startup business only focus on the repayment and don’t really know how these people manage their profits, we went deeper to ensure these people don’t only make plans for business but always cherish the act of saving In their bank account.
The new initiative in line with the Sustainable Development Goals ( SDGs ) will focus on social and economic development issues with a major focus on:

* No Poverty
*Zero Hunger
*Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure
*Decent work and Economic Growth
*Over all good health & wellbeing.

In achieving these goals and more, the challenge provides aspired entrepreneurs with micro-funds to start up business of their own, mentorship and a platform to guide the participants develop a savings culture to help them build up their pool of funds which they can use to invest later on as they desire.
We challenge inspired Africans to make best use of the challenge and make something out of nothing by working their way to the top during the challenge as we are ready to guide them through the stages of financial journey; the foundation, accumulation, maintenance and distribution.
We have a team that will guide them on how to transform their ideas into practical business plans, manage business risk, navigate difficult moments, develop partnership to help their business grow and save their profits in their bank account.

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