FinTech: Quickest Ways to Get a Loan Online in Nigeria Without Stress

Do you need a quick online loan in Nigeria urgently? There are lots of financial and credit companies that deal with consumer lending to private clients. Everything begins with the application and then after the consideration you receive money.

How to get a loan in Nigeria?

Here is a short list of some reliable financial companies working in Nigeria:

C24 company

C24 is a commercial company that deals with the provision of instant loans for its clients. The company C24 made it possible to provide its services on the Internet. Now everyone who needs to get a loan in Nigeria will be able to access the company web from any device that has access to the Internet. At the moment, the company operates exclusively in the city of Lagos.

How to apply?

After submitting a loan application, the company’s consultant will contact you, and you will need to confirm your request. In turn, the employee of the company will confirm that your application is accepted for consideration. You can send all necessary documents in person or order a courier who will take them.

Direct Bridge Nigeria Limited

Direct Bridge Nigeria Limited was founded in November 2013. According to the management of the company, at the moment they are the fastest growing financial company in the consumer lending sector. A variety of credit programs offer customers a flexible payment system and a comfortable repayment plan.

List the following types of loans:

Emergency Loans
Personal loans
Group loans
Business loans
Zedvance Limited

A financial institution that deals with the issue of fast consumer loans to the population in Nigeria. The company issues consumer loans so that customers can provide themselves and their needs at the required level. This applies both to personal purposes and the purchase of household appliances through the company’s network of partners in Lagos. Zedvance Limited offers its customers an amount up to N3,000,000 within 24 hours.


Creditville Limited is a private financial and credit organization in Lagos, Nigeria. The company is engaged in managing the assets of its customers and issuing loans.

Each of the clients who apply can receive the necessary funds within 48 hours from the date of the application. Once all the documents have been processed, you will receive money into your account. Also, for each client of the bank, the company provides an opportunity for early repayment of the loan without penalty.

CreditVille offers the following:

Payday Loans/250,000.00 CPR to 2,000,000.00 CPR for people who have paid work. The percentage is on a balance sheet basis (rbb).
Business loans/250 000.00 to 1 500 000.00 for business owners and individual entrepreneurs. The percentage is on a balance sheet basis (rbb).
Creditville Loans all have a maximum maturity (tenure) of 12 months, and monthly payments can be made through several channels.
Credits of KiaKia

The company, KiaKia, lends its customers directly. The company provides quick loans within an hour after processing the online application and checking the documents. KiaKia introduced the practice of online registration and issued loans without the need to visit the office. All processes occur online, and applications are reviewed 24 hours a day.


When you need emergency cash, think outside the bank, consider of KudiMoney. Membership in Kudimoney is open to all Nigerians in paid work. It’s free, simple, just register and follows the prompts. KudiMoney provides industrious residents of Nigeria with access to secure, transparent and flexible loans. This is one of the reliable ways to get quick loans in Nigeria (Lagos).


Finally, you can get quicken loans in Nigeria from PayLater. PayLater is a financial company dealing with quick online loans in Nigeria. The company is trying to help its clients solve the financial problems that have arisen and satisfy their need for money. Acceptance of applications for loans takes place online 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Now you know how to apply for a quick loan and receive the money. Please keep in mind that all reliable financial companies do not use any intermediate party while initiating an application. Also, pay attention to company’s reputation in the market and a credit agreement that you are going to sign.

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