Get Rich Challenge: Everyone Can Now Start a Petty Trade Business Without Collateral

In line in ensuring Africans at the grassroot level who are willing to start up petty trade have access to fund irrespective of their status, African Entrepreneur Startup Project, AESP, has committed to the Get Rich Challenge designed for the less privileged in the society.
The challenge which will be activated across Africa will support millions of Africans to start up and grow their business and teach them the savings culture.
The goal of the Get Rich Challenge is to take wealth creation and financial inclusion down to the grassroot whereby anyone willing to start petty trade like pure water, fruits, food selling, among others can have access to fund without any collateral and learn to save part of their profit so they can expand their business anytime.
The Get Rich Challenge which is geared towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goal with a major focus on No Poverty and Zero Hunger.
AESP recongize the contribution of petty traders to economic development and identified the fact that some of the people aspiring to start these petty trade may not have access to fund, so this initiative was designed to help them.
The Get Rich Challenge initiative, Is an online driven, after you submit your details and send to AESP system for validation, by 20th of every month, successful applicants will get cash notification in their bank account.
At the beginning you can access $5-$10 in the Classic level.
If you maintain a healthy savings culture, it qualifies you for $20-50 in the Gold level. The Platinum level comes with a $100-300 Funding and by this level we hope our Entrepreneurs have gained much for the bigger businesses. All these level have duration of six months interval to prove your your character and capacity.
Through the savings platform, CheetahPay, Participants can save their profits in their bank account using Airtime thereby taking out the stress of going to bank.
The whole initiative will soon be available across Africa. We urge beneficiaries to ensure they pay build the savings culture to avail other opportunity to benefit.
AESP will continue to focus on the Sustainable Development Goal with a major focus on:

* No Poverty
*Zero Hunger
*Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure
*Decent work and Economic Growth
*Over all good health & wellbeing

Our goal is to reach out to millions of people in the grassroots so that they can start and grow their businesses.

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