#GetRichChallenge: Side Hustle Ideas You Can Start Right Away

You’ve been meaning to start a side hustle since forever, but something is always stopping you – whether it’s not having the right idea, or not having enough capital or having customers.
Whatever, your excuse was, say goodbye to them because you’ll be starting a side hustle right away after reading this.

1. Babysitting
This works especially for those of us in Lagos or other busy cities. We know how life can get pretty busy in the cities and doesn’t let up. So help those busy parents by offering to take care of their little angels in a safe environment and charge for it.

You don’t even need any money to start this, because you can start from your home or in the home of your clients. P.S: it’s best to start with clients you already know and then branch out. Also, errrm, you shouldn’t do this if you don’t like children. We don’t know how else to tell you.

2. House cleaning
This side hustle is yet another dividend of the busy life. People are too busy to spend time on chores, so epp them and charge for it. You don’t even have to do the actual cleaning yourself. Just get trustworthy people to do the cleaning and include the cost of their labor in your charging fee. And just like that, business has started!

3. Laundry business

Yet another side hustle born from the busy lifestyle. No time to wash your clothes abi? Help them and charge them! Start from your circle of friends and grow outwards.

4. Food business
People are also to busy to cook. If cooking is your forte, you can start by marketing stew/soup bowls, office breakfast and lunch packages to your WhatsApp contacts (thank God for WhatsApp story!) you can then take up it up a notch by moving it to social media.

As long as your food is great and your prices are affordable, your business will grow for sure.

5. Consulting
You see all those friends of your friends that always call you for advice on a certain topic you’re good at or on something related to your day job? Now is the time to start charging them. It’s called consulting.


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