Africa: Meet the 22-Year-Old Female Entrepreneur Who Built A Multi Million Business In 6 Months

Agnes Mulewa Ng’ang’a, a Kenyan entrepreneur who dazzled the world barely 6 months into the creation of her company.

Agnes Mulewa Ng’ang’a is the CEO of International Brand Solutions, a market research firm. IBS helps companies get the relevant information they need to re-brand their business and reach their targeted clientele.

Within 6 months of establishing IBS, she hired 6 staff and grew her company’s net worth to well over 6 million Kenyan Shillings.

Don’t think her success was due to coming from a wealthy home, because Agnes was born in Kawangware, a slum in Nairobi.

What money lessons can we learn from Agnes?

1. Be determined and optimistic
Agnes was from a poor, single parent family, but she was determined to be better. It can’t have been easy growing up in such circumstances and in a slum, no less, but determination and optimism brought her out.

2. Work Hard
Nope, she didn’t just sit somewhere to twiddle her thumbs and hope vaguely that things would get better. She worked even as a student in high school to help take care of her family. Her hard work fueled her determination to be great, and look where she is now.

3. Latch on to opportunities
As a child in primary school, she would sell pencils and eggs to other pupils for a few shillings more than she bought them. In high school, she would sell her snacks to other students when they had run out of snacks. In second year in the university, she noticed a gap in the market for entrepreneurs in researching on the relevance of their products to the market. She then created IBC to fill that gap.

4. Never give up
In starting her business, she did a lot of cold calling, knocked from office door to office door before getting any clients. She got rejected a bunch of times, but she pushed her way through.

Agnes’ story just shows us what is possible with determination and a dream. Let her story inspire you. Go out there and start that thing you’ve always wanted to do.

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