Microsoft Launches Head Start Programme for Startups

Microsoft South Africa has launched Head Start – a support programme that will provide local tech startups with access to skills development resources, mentors, a fully-fledged customer network, and the platform on which to build their products and services.

Head Start is a complete programme to help tech startups innovate in the Azure cloud while strengthening the local startup system and preparing them to sell to the global marketplace. South African entrepreneurs that want to take their tech business to the next level can register and join the Microsoft South Africa Head Start programme.

“As a company whose mission it is to empower every person and organisation on the planet to achieve more, we get how critical entrepreneurship is, especially in the South African context where job creation is vital if we are to improve our economy,” said Lionel Moyal, commercial partners lead at Microsoft South Africa.

“We want to give as much support to tech startups as we can to make South Africa more globally competitive, and create jobs, but, if we don’t have skilled South Africans to fill these jobs it will be at a loss. Many of these amazing opportunities run the risk of being lost in the country due to the current skills gap that exists, which we’re working hard to close.”

The Head Start programme offers direct access to coaches and mentors, with over 50 Microsoft South Africa staff volunteering to mentor. Candidates can schedule a one-hour meeting with various business experts from multiple fields across the business, and get one-on-one expert advice.

When candidates join the Microsoft Partner Network, they instantly become part of a global community that connects them to the relationships, insights, tools, resources, and programmes needed to drive growth. They also get direct access to digital coaching and training, and live events.

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