AfriWallStreet: Applications Open for African Startups and Entrepreneurs to Pitch for Investment

Application is open on AfriWallStreet for African startups and entrepreneurs in key sectors such as consumer goods, education, FinTech, agriculture and healthcare to pitch for funds and Investment to boost their operations.

AfriWallStreet a business support and development services firm was founded by a group of passionate investors and entrepreneurs to connect entrepreneurs to the money, market and business tools needed to grow their business.

The application is open to support early stage startups and entrepreneurs especially those with limited access to Investors to gain easy access to Investors that provide seed investment to early stage companies and facilitate access of essential goods and services to the underserved, effectively promoting inclusive growth.

Africa is experiencing rapid rise of Innovative startups across different sectors but they still lack access to Investors who will help them reach full potential. This pitch provides huge opportunity to the development of startups and small and medium scale enterprises as AfriWallStreet will help them source for investment since there is scarce risk capital to venture capital funds targeting early stage businesses.

With this opportunity African entrepreneurs and startups can focus more on ways to develop the best Innovative ideas and harness key opportunities that have the potential to scale across Africa while we source for Investors their proposal best meet their criteria.

The overarching goal of AfriWallStreet is to support startups spend less time pitching to different Investors as we will present their pitch to different Investors as we stand in between them and the Investors. This is to expand economic and Investment opportunities for African Startups throughout their growth cycle.

AfriWallStreet call on African Startups and Entrepreneurs to make use of these opportunity to enhance growth for their business as we work to broadening access to finance for African innovations no matter their location in urban, rural and remote locations. The fund will focus on early stage startups and promote private sector activities and support financial sector integration.

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