CheetahPay: Quickly Convert Your Airtime To Physical Cash

CheetahPay helps you to quickly convert your airtime to physical Cash, buy and sell products online using airtime of any network of your choice, make and receive airtime donations, etc…


Fast and Easy

This platform is very easy to use, Deposits and withdrawals are processed in the shortest possible time. No unnecessary delays.

Website and API Integration

Websites and E-commerce

stores can seamlessly integrate this platform into the websit using our freely available APIs. A plugin is also available for wordpress users


You must NOT create account with us to convert your airtime. Simply use the Quick Cash option and have your money delivered directly to you bank account.

How it works

How To Deposit

Convert your airtime to money by either entering the recharge pin (if the airtime has not been loaded) or by transferring the amount you wish to convert to the SHARE AND SELL Phone number provided in the deposit form. CheetahPay provide 2 ways of making deposits, the Quick Cash method and the normal method.

 Quick Cash

Quick cash lets you convert your airtime to cah without need for creating account with CheetahPay . All you have to do is click this link , supply the airtime and bank details, your money will be processed and delivered to your bank account as soon as possible.
Note: Charge rate for quick cash method is different from the normal method.

Deposit from Dashboard

With a CheetahPay user account, you can recharge multiple airtime cards, receive payments and donations from people. All transactions will be recorded and you can grow balance. This system attracts cheaper charge rate than the "Quick cash" method and relatively more convinient.

API And Website Integration

API Gateway
Developers and Site owners can integrate CheetahPay to your website using our APIs and start receiving payments with airtime. Integration is easy, click on the Developers section in the user dashboard to generate your API credentials.
Goto to github repo for API Documentation. For more enquiries, contact our customer support using the phone number above.

 WordPress Integration

WordPress/Woocommerce websites can include CheetahPay as a payment option.
To achieve this, generate your API credentials in the developers section of your dashboard. Then, download our ‘woocommerce cheetahpay plugin’ from wordpress store, setup your your plugin with the API credentials and you are good to go. For more enquiries, contact our customer support using the phone number above.

 Personal Page

if you do not have a website but wish to receive airtime payment and donations from users. CheetahPay got you covered. A page is generated for you where the donors can enter the airitme details and you account will be credited.


Get in touch with us!

You’ve got questions, Enquiries or wish to give a feedback? Get in touch with us via any of the following:

Address: No 5 Oloworo Street, Festac, Lagos state.
Phone: +2348034715310
Email: cheetahfastpay